The Cross-Cultural Cohort is a group for those who are exploring a potential call to serve in cross-cultural missions, especially in pioneer church planting work (ministry among those who have no other access to the gospel). The group is also a great opportunity for any Christian to grow their understanding of God’s heart for the nations and how they can more effectively send and support missionaries.

The 2023–24 cohort will meet on the fourth Sunday of the month from 7–9 p.m. beginning September 24, 2023. (See below for the full schedule of meetings and assignments)

Those interested in joining the Cross-Cultural Cohort should complete this simple application form:


  • Readings. Each month, you will be given reading assignments to help you gain a better understanding of the biblical basis for missions and the state of missionary activity today. All readings will be supplied to you and cohort members are not responsible for purchasing any books.
  • Disciple-Making. We want to equip every member of the cohort to share what they are learning with other Christians. Each member of the cohort will be required to go through the Explore Bible Study (from the Center for Missions Mobilization) with another member of Pillar Church.
  • Country Profile Group Project. Each member will be placed in a small group and each group will be assigned a country. Throughout the year, you will learn more about this country through specific research projects.
    • Each month, you will be given a specific topic to research with your group. The goal is NOT to write a research paper every month, but to familiarize yourself with another country and the unreached. Each group will work together to create a half-page outline of their findings (bullet points are fine).
    • Keep track of all of your assignments so that you will have a complete “Country Profile” document at the end of the year.
    • In at least one cohort meeting, your group will be asked to lead prayer for an unreached people group in your country. You will research the group, briefly present to the cohort, and lead us in prayer.
  • Cross-Cultural Evangelism. At one of our meetings, we will have a cross-cultural Gospel & Grub, where you will be given the opportunity to share your faith with someone from the 10/40 window.


  • Maintain good standing as a member of Pillar Church of Washington DC
  • Faithfully attend each cohort meeting. We want you to prioritize attendance. If work or travel necessitates, there will be the opportunity to join the cohort via video call. 
  • Fully complete the assigned readings and other assignments. 
  • Enthusiastically participate in the group discussions. Please come prepared to talk about each of the readings.
  • Download WhatsApp and join the Cross-Cultural Cohort WhatsApp chat group 
  • Complete the Explore Bible Study with another member of our church
  • Contribute to your group’s country profile — be a responsible team-player

Cohort Meetings

At most cohort meetings, we will meet to discuss that month’s readings, pray for the nations together, and share about our country profile assignments.

Cohort members are expected to enthusiastically participate in discussion, but cohort members are not responsible for leading any portion of the discussion.

WhatsApp Group

Each member of the cohort will be invited to join the group’s WhatsApp chat so that we can encourage one another throughout the month and continue the discussion from each month’s meeting. 


Meeting Schedule 

September 24, 2023 — The Great Commission

October 22, 2023 — The Church and Missions, Part One (International Church Planting)

November 26, 2023 — The Church and Missions, Part Two (Addressing Concerning Trends)

December 17, 2023 — Contextualization

January 28, 2024 — Cross-Cultural Communication

February 25, 2024 — Understanding Islam

March 24, 2024 — Cross-Cultural Evangelism Night

During this meeting, we meet in Arlington, VA to share our faith with Muslim immigrants from countries within the 10-40 window.

April 28, 2024 — Understanding Catholicism and Animism

May 26, 2024 — Understanding Eastern Religions

June 23, 2023 — Counting the Cost

July 28, 2024 — Facing a Task Unfinished: Finding Your Place in God’s Heart for the World

Readings and assignments TBD