Stages Discipleship

STAGES Discipleship

STAGES is a disciple-making pathway developed by Paul Johnson of the Canadian National Baptist Convention that allows anyone to find where they are on their journey and move forward.  For leaders, STAGES provides built in assessments and goals to track where people are and how much they are growing. Every person we encounter can be found somewhere on this path:

From the devout believer of another faith, to the oblivious-to-God pleasure seeker, to the cultural Christian with no spiritual rebirth, to the pew warmer at the local church, everyone is somewhere on this path: NOT CURIOUS, CURIOUS, BELIEVER, DISCIPLE, DISCIPLE MAKER, and LIFE LONG SERVANT. 

Use our self-assessment tool below to help you articulate where you are on your journey, and where you want to go:


A Meet-Up is anytime a minimum of two people get together for the purpose of growing through discipleship.  We suggest 90 minutes and every other week as a standard format with a few exceptions.


We suggest you divide the time in your Meet-Up between Looking BackLooking Up, and Looking Ahead.   Here’s what we mean:

  • Looking Back– 30 minutes of exploring recent growth,heart issues and praying
  • Looking Up– 30 minutes of teaching/learning and asking questions
  • Looking Ahead– 30 minutes of planning specific action steps