Membership Matters

Event details

  • July 25, 2019
  • All Day
  • "Zoom" video conference
  • (202) 569-7046
  • Thomas HudsonStaff members

If the Bible is the cornerstone of our church, then membership is the cement that holds us all together. Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our encouragement, our protection, and our instruction. Below you can find out a bit more about how to become a member at Pillar Church.

Membership Matters Course – Our membership matters course is offered on the last Thursday evening of ever month at 7pm and is available to attend via “Zoom” video conference or in person. Membership Matters is a great way to get to know Pillar DC and is recommended for those who are considering membership and for those who would just like to know more about the church. The course lasts about two hours and is an interactive discussion with one of the Pillar Church pastors covering such matters as:

  • Statement of Faith
  • Church Covenant
  • Why “Membership Matters”
  • Our Church’s History
  • Outreach & Missions
  • Life as a Church

After the course, if you wish to join the church, one of our pastors will have a membership discussion with you, confer with the other elders, and make a recommendation for your membership to the congrigation. Once you have been affirmed by the congregation the membership process is complete.